Prayer & Fasting

Hi Friends,

I know I haven’t posted in over six months, we have been busy and gone through a lot, but I’m back so let’s get started…

Prayer & Fasting:

I’d like to share a teaching I have was very convicted by recently (I was in the auditorium during this message.

As you go into this message on Matthew 6, ask these questions

  • Why do we pray
  • How do we pray
  • Why do we fast
  • How do we fast

For a lot of us we know we need to pray and rely on God more, but what about fasting, for a lot of us fasting is not a part of our lives or not very important but take a look at Matthew 6 Jesus put’s three things…

  1. Giving
  2. Prayer
  3. Fasting

we don’t say why do we give, of course we give, we don’t say why do we pray, of course we pray, so why do we fast?

So please take the time soon to watch this message by David Platt…

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